Growing Microgreens from Sowing to Harvest

Microgreens are fast, attaining size only five to 25 days. The plants increased as microgreens are vegetables, salads and brassicas such as turnips and radishes.

You will need some grow lights to grow microgreens inside in the winter. It is well worth contemplating LED grow lights, that can be far more energy if you are getting a new set. You require seeds, seed apartments along with a potting mixture.

Sowing and Growing Microgreens

Fill out the trays to an inch of the rim with your mixture. Tamp it all down. Broadcast your seeds aiming to get an even spread and preventing clumps.

Attempt to steer clear of any clumps. So that they are in contact with all the mix tamp down the seeds. Utilize a spray or mister bottle to water your seeds.

Move the trays and stack the trays three or two then put an empty tray on top and weigh down it. Applying pressure helps create development and stems. Germinate, move the seed apartments to beneath your grow lights.

Maintain your lights. Assess the mix if dry and mist with water that is new.

Harvesting Microgreens

When they are around one tall harvest your own microgreens and have generated their very first adult leaves. Snip off them near the base of the stem.

They may be kept in plastic bags at the salad compartment of the fridge for up to five days, although microgreens are most nutritious when eaten immediately. Serve them or use them.

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